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Kathy Sali

Hi, and welcome to craniosacral therapy.  I am Kathy, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, I fell in love with the English language and began to teach it early on in my career. Eventually, I also taught CPR, lifeguarding, aerobics, personal training, water exercise, and recently became a CST teaching assistant with the Upledger Institute. 


As a licensed therapist and financial professional, I offer craniosacral therapy and wellness coaching, blending the realms of psychology and finance to help you thrive. With over 35 years of teaching and coaching experience, I'm dedicated to guiding you towards inner peace and freedom from pain and tension. My approach combines extensive training, intuition, and personalized care to nurture your mind and body back to balance.


Each person is unique, so I tailor my approach to your history, lifestyle, and overall well-being. Together, we'll create a holistic plan for long-term relief, with your commitment and collaboration being key to our success.


Whether you're feeling drained, anxious, or sidelined by illness, I'm here to support your healing journey. My goal is to dissolve physical and emotional barriers so you can embrace a life you love.


Through gentle yet powerful sessions, you'll learn to live consciously and embrace your healthiest, happiest self.

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