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Jennie DeNaro Saum

Jennie DeNaro Saum is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Meditation and Akashic Records Reader.


Jennie fell in love with Reiki when a friend needed a volunteer to practice on.  After that experience, a fire was lit inside and her thirst for spiritual knowledge began.  “I signed up for my first class in 2008."  In 2010, Jennie continued to receive her Reiki Master and Teaching Attunement. Wanting to deepen her knowledge and experience of Energy work led Jennie to new experiences with other spiritual teachers. 


Fascinated by the Akashic records, in 2019, 2020 and 2023, Jennie received Akashic Records Practitioner and Advanced Certifications.   In June of 2019, she received attunements for the Lemurian Reiki Ray.


Jennie loves working with the Akashic Records and giving people the opportunity to gain further understanding with their current experiences and what information can be learned and healed within their records.


Jennie continued my studies and have learned the following healing modalities:


Sekhmet Reiki - Ancient Egyptian art of Healing – received Master Certificate in Dec. of 2022

Tachyon Light Reiki – competed studies in March 2023

Sarah with the Angels Levels 1 through 3, in May of 2023

Magnified Healing level I in May of 2023

Blue Star Lemurian Healing Empowerment Systems Level 1 through 4 in October 2023

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